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A Skew dilemma
My problem is gauge and fit. I want the socks to fit the way I like them, I'm not sure how this pattern is going to work, so I can't make a call on whether to adjust the gauge.

Skew pattern

Although the main portions of the foot and leg are worked on 72 stitches, because they are turned diagonally, the fit of this sock is comparable to a 60-stitch traditional sock circumference at the same gauge. Heel fit is similar to a short-row heel with mini-gussets.
Skew gauge: 31 sts/4" or 7.75 sts/inch

Currently I'm working with Valley Yarns Franklin Natural and I have more sts/inch than Skew's pattern calls for. These are basic, toe-up, stockinette stitch socks. With my sz 0 needles I have 56 sts per sock and the fit is just right. Each sock is 3" across the top or bottom (6" total) so that's 28 sts/3" or 9.3 sts/inch. I'm afraid that Skew will be too wide if I knit to gauge.

I'm leaning toward using the sz. 0 needles and going with more sts/inch (the gauge will be the same as with my current yarn) and hoping I'm right. What do you all think? I'm not to the heels of the these socks yet so I have a lot of time to fuss and fret over this.

Hmmm....Either I really prefer a snugger fit than most people or I have really rather narrow feet. Both? I expect if I knew where to look I could find comments about gauge and fit on Ravelry. If someone wants to point me there that would be fine with me.

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