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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post

Heel flaps add padding and reinforcement over the Achilles tendon where shoes tend to rub. They also tend to be more comfortable for people with high insteps because of the gusset stitches that are picked up along the heel flap, that are decreased back down.

Liat Gat's free Ravelry pattern for toe up with flap and gusset is the first link below. The second is a tutorial you can watch/review before deciding to work one if you like.

The humble sock toe up photo confused me, as the heel flap is typically not worked beneath the heel turn, but above it.

HTH. . . And have fun investigating!
I'm not sure why the Humble Sock pattern has the heel flap worked as it is. I want more thickness at the back of my heel. My heels are narrow and any additional padding will help my shoes not slip so much. Therefore (drum roll, please) the method used in Liat Gat's video and pattern for a faux heel flap wins! This method isn't exclusive with Knit Freedom by any means but her pattern and video seem easier to understand than others I read/viewed. Why couldn't any of the others just say increase 22 - 26 sts (see Section 3: Gusset). I can tuck this info into my brain, take my socks with me when I go somewhere and start the increases after a few more rounds, then refer the pattern or video again. Thanks for all the help! Sifting through these things is challenging for me.

I've made 3 pairs of socks from Felici sport yarn and none of them for me. My son says his are the most comfortable socks he's ever had. My daughter is cautious about ruining her hand knit socks. I think my sister has worn hers but I'm not sure. I intend to wear hand knit socks almost exclusively so I have a lot of socks to knit. Hence my quest for my favorite heel.

To anyone considering socks for the first time: Go for it! They aren't really hard, and the sense of accomplishment is great. A pair made from worsted weight yarn to wear at home on a rainy day is a great start. Mine even make good thick socks to fill in space with my my boots that are a bit big. One warning: Knitting socks is addictive.
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