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Originally Posted by jjb777 View Post
The soles I linked attach with shoe glue & stitches.
I was going to use Shoe-Goo along with stitching.
I did find a seller on etsy who makes her clogs with cork soles
But I was looking for a different sole.
In my knitting class, I met a mom whose husband has made their own shoes and we got to talking about soles. I may ask for her advise.I may end up making my own sole out of a combination of cork and rubber the way the Stegmann and Haflinger wool clogs are.
I need to get the clogs made first.

Having difficulty reading the pattern.

I was going to sugest you either look back through your browsing history (if you haven't cleared it) to see if anything rings any bells or visit your local shoe repairer to see if they can help. But it sounds as if speaking to your classmate, or her husband, will be a better first port of call.
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