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help for a beginner
Hi! I'm a pretty good knitter and thought I'd try my hand with crocheting...which isn't working out so well. I'm stuck on this pattern:

I'm doing size Medium, and am on row 2. Why do I chain 2 before starting the row? I do it anyway... So, then I crochet the first hdc. Then, I work the bobble stitch, which I'm not doing correctly because it's not "bubbling" up, the work is staying flat. So this is my second problem.

My third question, is after I crochet the first bobble, it's time to hdc again. Do I turn the work, hdc, then turn again; or just keep going in same direction and don't turn again? And before crocheting the "second" hdc in the row, should I chain two first?

The 4th question is does the row basically go "hdc, bobble, hdc, bobble, etc."?

Thank you so much for helping me! I'm trying to crochet this for the holidays

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