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gloves - different coloured fingers: where to switch colours
I'm knitting my first pair of gloves and it proves to be quite the challenge. I'm not really following a pattern - rather following 6 at once and trying to pick what works for me from all those. I've got quite some lifelines out and tried different things, but now I am at a point where I would like some advice.

I want to knit two of the fingers of the glove in a different colour. I have already knitted the thumb, pinky and pointy finger in one colour and want to knit the ring and middle finger in with a different thread. The yarn is the same, so the gauge doesn't change.
The way I knit the gloves, I have am now contemplating on when to start on the new colour:
- at the base of the fingers
- after 2 rows with the original colour A
I am leaning towards the second option, as I think this way it will be easier to make the part inbetween the pointy and middle finger look good - one has to pick up stitches here and I think it will look better if that happens in the same colour. However, this is just a thought - I have no proof it really will look better. And I do think it is nicer if the ring and middle finger have colour B inbetween them. That would be a reason for option one.

Any thoughts? Maybe a pattern description for a glove with fingers in different colours? I know they must be out there (I've seen self knitted gloves like that) but I can't find any descriptions. Maybe I'm overthinking this...
It seems so easy...
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