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Originally Posted by claireweber View Post
Thanks for the link Charlotte!! It looks like an easy pattern that will show off variegated yarn nicely.

A bit of good news, my prayers have been answered Our rooms are about 80% in order, painters have been gone for several weeks now. I am finally able to get into the spare room that houses my yarn. While going through my bins I found a 14 oz. cone of cotton worsted in Ivy League colorway I had made a promise not to purchase any more cotton worsted until after we move but was so wishing I had more of this one, and now I do.

It will probably need to wait until after Christmas, some sort of linens will be waiting in the wings to be knitted, possibly table linens or even hand towels
That's not just good news, that's great news Claire! I wish I could say my house was about 80% in order. for you!

Isn't it fun to get into stash and rediscover treasures, like your Ivy League?

Is your kitchen green?


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