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The way of knitting I mention for the fingers of the glove are in answer to this pattern which SalmonMac talked about in her reply to my post. I haven't tried it myself.

I myself am just trying to knit the fingers from a combinations of patterns. I think I use the most common method: put a certain amount of stitches from the front (knuckles) and back (palm) of the glove on double pointed needles, put some extra on for the side (either from the side or "create" new stitches) and then just knit in the round.
I am not sure how to do the top of the fingers yet: I think I'll go for one row of decreases (k2tog) and then just a thread through the stitches that are left and pull it all together... this might become a bit bulky though... Maybe I should decrease over more rows, but I think that might make the tips of the fingers too small. So I guess I'll just use a lifeline before I start decreasing Trial and Error
It seems so easy...
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