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Originally Posted by ArtLady1981 View Post
Thanks for the link to the Crazy Maple, Claire!
I found another similar pattern stitch on that great website, too! The Briar Rose.

That Knittingfool website has an excellent pattern stitch library, and it's very easy to navigate....alphabetically, or by pattern stitch width.

So I bookmarked her website for sure. Plus, I saved Crazy Maple and Briar Rose pdf's to my Android device, then uploaded them into my Google Drive! Sweet!

Thanks again for your input!
I love the Briar Rose How did you find it? The website was re-designed earlier in the year; similar stitch designs used to be grouped together in the 'Stitch Gallery'.

Grouping by the number of stitches in a pattern repeat is an excellent design tool! The majority of the swatches are knitted by Elaine - can you imagine being familiar with so many stitch patterns?

Stitch patterns are like little treasures
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