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Originally Posted by Caters View Post
The biggest difference between continental and english styles other than the way you do the knit stich and purl stitch(that is whether you scoop the yarn or throw it over) is what hand it is in. english style knitting always has the yarn in the dominant hand(by that I mean that left handed english(knitting backwards) has the yarn in the left and right handed english(the style I normally do) has the yarn in the right) continental though always has it in the non-dominant hand(by that I mean left handed continental(backwards continental) has the yarn in the right hand and right handed continental(normal continental) has the yarn in the left hand)
Yes, it's true that when knitting left handed one holds the yarn in one's left hand when working English Style and in one's right hand when working Continental Style, while working the stitches from the right needle to the left. However, if you click on the Purl Stitches link that Jan in CA gave in Post #14 and watch the videos under 'Knitting Back' (at the very bottom) you will see that although Amy is working from the right needle to the left she is holding the yarn in her left hand for the Continental method and in the right hand for the English method. She also points out the the yarn is wrapped round the needle in different directions for Left Handed Knitting and Knitting Back. Hence the various assertions that they are two different things.
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