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I'm glad to see the blankets moving along!

I've started knitting again and am current working on three projects: the placemat, the log cabin blanket, and a new scarf for my youngest. I watched the last three episodes of "Full Circle" last night (a DirecTV mini-series) and worked on a different project for each episode. I haven't figured out what I want to commit to yet.

My daughter and I are going to an overnight zoo trip with her scouting troop tomorrow (one night) and I'm debating which one to bring with me. I'm sure I'll have time to work on something! I'm torn between the garter stitch afghan and the rib stitch scarf. The scarf is smaller, but garter stitch might be better when there is a lot going on around me.

If I'm creative, I might be able to fit all three projects into the bag that I'm currently keeping the afghan in.
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