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OK. When I started to make my chart of counting rows for each decrease. It turns out the 8th and alt 4th row for the neckline slope is the same row as the first decrease every 12th row. Where do I do the decreases for the neckline slope. I thought it was at the 2 center markers. But then on the next step tip 4 there is a decrease again on every 12th row at the markers. So I am very confused as to where to decrease for the neckline slope.
If it helps in the diagram the top measurements are missing
From right to left at the first line is 56/60 ------------ from the first diagonal line to the third line is 24/27
from the third line to the start of the slope 30------------from the end going to the left side is 26/30
I tried to put the drawing in with these measurements so you can see them but the site is not letting me do it.

So it works out that on every 12 row there are 3 different decreases on the same row?

I think I just figured it out. I reread it and it says front part edges every 12 row 2 sts so I will do that first. Then after the 8 times I will start the neck slope on each end and at the same time decrease at the markers.
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