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Originally Posted by justplaincharlotte View Post
You're more than welcome.

However, you may want to figure out the multiple of the lace pattern by adding up the number of stitches in the repeat. If its a multiple of 4 as GG asked about (BTW, she's our resident yarn whisperer ), you might want to try a CO of 88, or contact the designer.

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Yarn whiperer? OMG scare me away, why don't'cha?

Are there corrections for the pattern?
Can you contact the designer?
Are there pages on Ravelry where people have discussed this issue?

You could post a few lines from the pattern, I'd think the first row after the rib if it includes increases would be helpful. Don't post the whole pattern or even a large chunk of it due to legal issues. Knowing just exactly what the lacy rib pattern is would help.
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