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I did it at the base:

It worked out quite alright if I say so myself The gloves aren't a snug fit (too big at the bottom, a bit too tight at the fingers) but they'll be wearable and I really do not feel like doing it all again It'll do.

However, the holes at the base of the fingers are a bother. They are there because of the picked up stitches - I just can't get the hang of it It was worse, but this isn't where it should be either. I will try fixing this by sewing it shut somehow, but if anyone has an idea on what to do better on the other fingers - I am ALL EARS!
For example: where is the best place to pick up stitches? At the bottom, or a bit higher up? In between? Over 2 or over 1 stitch?
It seems so easy...
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