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Actually I could make several types of blankets.
The cable one without any lace is the one I am working on right now. I could make several other types of blankets including some multicolor ones with as much variety as has. I could make several lace ones including ones with lace edgings. some of the lace is even multicolor. I could make several multicolor slip stitch ones. I could make a multicolor turkish one if I knew how. I mean I can do it but what makes turkish knitting different from intarsia or fair isle? Is it a type of fair isle? is it a type of intarsia? I could make one that is mosaic. I could make lots that are just plain knit purl patterns which might include a garter stitch block and a stockinette stitch block as well as the reverse of it. I could make one that is fair isle. I could make several that are diamonds. I could make lots more that are also cables. I could make one that is bobbles. There is just such a wide variety of stitches has. Here is the link to the types of stitches they have:
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