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Jan, thank you for your reply, but I am not sure that is correct. If I have 83 stitches on my needle and my directions read: K1, SSK, knit to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1: 25(27,29) sts.

If I K1, I will have 1 stitch on my needle.
If I SSK, I will now have just 2 stitches on my needle.
Knitting to the last 3 means that I will need to knit 77 stitches and I will have a total of 79 stitches on my needle.
If I k2tog, I will now have 80 stitches on my needle.
Then I am supposed to k1 and I would end with 81 on the needle.

To me, it sounds like I started with 83 and ended with 81.

I'm just not sure what the part after the colon means?....what sort of direction is it giving me?

Thanks again!
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