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Originally Posted by bridge1892 View Post
Hmm, both of these ways should give me satisfactory results.

Thank you !

My LYS gave me a copy of Vogue Knitting 2012 today, and it has a hat almost identical to your pictured hat. It's pattern 30, if you have access to a copy for written directions.The stitch it uses is defined in the pattern as w2(wrapped stitch), not to be confused with the wrap in short rows. Found that out the hard way trying to find a video for it.This may be the stitch you're looking for!

I'd give you the link, but I'm a techno-idiot on my iPad. If you google "w2 wrapped stitch" the 4th link down should be Getting Started: Wrapped Stitches with Eunny Jang. In the video it's the last one she demonstrates. Stacking the w2s should look like the stitch you asked about. Oh! If you use Eunny's stitch, just wrap 2 stitches...


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