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Originally Posted by claireweber View Post
I subscribe to a website 'Save Our Bones'; I received an email this morning which provided a link for alkalizing snacks. The timing of this email just happens to coincide with our diet topic, and at quick glance, it looks like most if not all of these snacks are gluten free.

17 Bone Health Snacks

The snacks are simple, requiring very little preparation. There is even a recipe for 'Kale Chips'
Yay! lots of those things are my favorites (love apple and cheese, dates and yogurt). I have tried kale chips and don't like them that much. Kale is supposed to be amazingly good for you, though, so a clever friend of mine devised this recipe:

Kale/lemon/garlic dip:

Take a bunch of raw fresh kale, cut the leaves off the stalks, and mince it into very thin strips.

Mix the kale with equal amounts of olive oil, Italian bread crumbs, and parmesan cheese (ex. 1.2 cup of each). Measurements don't have to be exact, but roughly close.

Add several cloves of fresh garlic, minced. Add several tablespoonfuls of fresh lemon juice. Add some ground pepper.

I like to throw in a handful of pine nuts. Mix it all up and add more bread crumbs, lemon juice, parmesan, or garlic to taste; the idea is to have a nice chunky dip.

You could do this in a Cuisinart, if you didn't over mix it.

This is scrumptious w/ crackers, rounds of baguette, or Stacy's pita chips. I've taken it to several potlucks and people begged for the recipe, they didn't even realize it had kale in it! You could do it with spinach, too, I guess.

Also, most people in the US are lacking vitamin D. I think ladies especially should take 1-2,000 IUs daily. Helps with bone and muscle health, balance, joint pain and mood as you age.
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