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I live in Washington IL. None of my family are homeless. Some friends are damaged. I'm learning of new people I know who are homeless every day. I'm guessing I have at least met the guy who died (I am terrible with names and faces and need a voice).

The f4 started back up after the valley about 2 blocks from my brother's house (before the valley it went 40' from a close friend's house and wiped out the house of the guy who died). I live further away.

I had no power and was clueless about what was going on. All I knew about was a tornado touched down near my sister. It wasn't as close to her as this one was to my brother and me but they could see it from my niece's house. My nephew's house has damage all around it but his is OK.

I couldn't remember if anyone from here knew where I lived and thought I better come check in in case they did.
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