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Dog Sweaters

So this was my very first attempt at making a dog sweater. Every single pattern I have found is meant for smaller dogs, but our dog Maya is a 14 1/2 year old Chocolate Lab, and it just snowed a few inches here, and this was her first time getting to wear her too-big-for-me-so-I-have-to-wear-it-with-a-clippy sweater I knitted for her!

On the plus side I now have a better idea of what information I will need to have (as far as measurements are concerned) to create my own sweater. I used this FREE pattern from Ravelry. I measured like she said to do and used the appropriate corresponding guides, but everything didn't match up and now Maya looks like she just lost 50 pounds and just put on an old sweater that used to "fit too snug."

I personally think she is stinkin' adorable and she had way too much fun in the snow!

Here is another one just for funsies. Our dog Molly (the 4 1/2 year old Corgi/Heeler mix) is wearing a sweater that was knitted for her from a much more experienced knitter.

... and this is my most favorite picture that I took of them the other day. John (my boyfriend) said that they look like they just saw Santa Clause. lol

Does anyone else have free dog sweater patterns that love to use or have tried?
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