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FO - Baby Cardigan
I thought in the interest of getting involved in the community I would post a pic of the cardigan I just finished up. I started this about 10 years ago and never got around to finishing it. I set aside some time to knit the band and sew it all together, which is all I had left to do, and this is how it's turned out:

There are some things I could have done better. The buttonholes are a bit dodgy, and I'm not sure why. I should practice on a swatch next time and get it right. I tried mattress stitch for the first time (on the band) and love it. Much better than the backstitch I used on the sleeves.

Pattern was from Patons Book 5000, yarn was Patons Tiny Tasman 4 ply, and needle size was 2.75mm.

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