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Thanks salmonmac. I actually tried the one-row buttonhole, but I couldn't get it to work. I ended up just using the one that's in the pattern, which is a 2-row 'simple' buttonhole. i.e. cast off two on one row, then turn - cast-on 2 - turn at the same place on the next row. I think my problem may have stemmed from the fact that I was doing my cast on and cast off in knit (on both sides) and the band is in moss? I end up with a loop in the middle of the buttonhole that almost bisects the hole. I thought I could fix it up with a reinforcing stitch at the end, which is why I persevered, but when it came time to do it, it didn't look feasible with the way the holes turned out, so I have just left it as they are good enough to be functional.
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