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Originally Posted by jinxnit55 View Post
Awww..cute doggies. I haven't personally knitted a dog sweater but I can tell you that in my pre-knitting days I bought some pricey hand-knitted sweaters for our two medium sized dogs (40 and 50 pounds). We live in Truckee, California, which often has the US's coldest morning temps in the winter (today the low was -9). Did the sweaters stay on the dogs? For maybe 2 minutes! Once she rid herself of the sweater, the smaller dog snatched it up and ran off into the woods with it, and it was never seen again!
We still have one of those thankless animals, and a new furbaby who is a black lab mix, and needless to say, I'm not in a hurry to knit anything for them, lol!
hahaha My old dog Duke (golden retriever I had to put to sleep in 2009 from cancer of the tongue :() wasn't a fan of clothing either. My old Heeler mix (that I had to put to sleep in 2002 because someone poisoned her with anti-freeze... people are really crappy sometimes) had a neck phobia and couldn't handle collars, so I had to use harnesses on her - not a fan of clothing either! My Corgi/Heeler and John's lab ADORE clothing, so I have waaaay too much fun!

Originally Posted by salmonmac View Post
The sweaters look very good on your dogs and, they like them! Great pictures, too.
Jinx, I love your story. My dog would have done the same (shrugged out of the sweater and then "lost" it). Not one for a sweater, he preferred snowballs hanging off his own coat.
Maya gets little snowballs on her mouth when she eats the snow. Thanks for the compliment on the pictures! I love photography.
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