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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
It's great to have a left handed knitter in residence so to speak. Occasionally someone asks about how to knit left handed here and even the lefties tend to knit right handed. I searched for links and they were hard to come by, so I saved a few to my blog thread, Grumpy Gramma's Useful Stuff, in hopes of finding them when they're wanted. Just now I Googled knitting left handed with better results. If you can add something to the available resources, go for it! The few things I had come up with are in post 68 on page 19 of my blog thread.
I have noticed throughout my research of how to do certain stitches that I have to do them step by step and teach myself how to do them "backwards." It happened with my sweater that I made for Maya too because when I saw appearing in front of me was "backwards" of what was appearing in the pictures the author had taken. It's all good. It just means I make unique looking things. hehe

Originally Posted by butlersabroad View Post
I also thought this was a moss stitch or a seed stitch and not a rib! How many stitches did you cast on Lauren? An odd or an even number?
I cast on 30 stitches then started with K2 and wound up ending with K2. I noticed too that it didn't look exactly like what I was seeing on my computer screen, but two things ran through my mind.

1 - I didn't care.
2 - I liked how it was turning out regardless.


Originally Posted by nonny2t View Post
It's a great start!!
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