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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
One more question. Did you change needle sizes for the girdle rib? I've either decreased the number of stitches for that section or changed down a size or two on my needles. TIA
no, I didn't. I had two-at-a-time toe-ups going on one long circular needle, and I wanted my top side to be cohesive with the rest of the top side. The ribbing is located on the bottom side only, and just at the highest part of the arch. It does squish in, just enough, even with the same size needles. In fact, I don't even change needles for the top ribbing. The resulting rib stretches enough to accommodate my calves, so long as I use a super-stretchy bind-off. From top to bottom, my socks are on the same size needle throughout.

Also, I know that you will get the hang of this heel quickly. You certainly have a handle on sock construction, far ahead of my own, in fact. In no time, you'll be whipping those socks out like a boss!
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