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How is everyone doing?

Current Snuggle Lists:

Blue Skies:
1. KristinMei
2. Katie/sakura-panda
3. Kari/kdodge8
4. Janis/Woofens
5. Lizars1735 <-- Currently knitting

Sunrise Snuggie (pinks, purples, yellows and blues)
1. maryknitwit
2. salmonmac
3. Kari/kdodge8 <-- Currently knitting
4. Susan/susauehl
5. Lizars1735

Patriotic Pets:
1. salmonmac
2. salmonmac
3. maryknitwit
4. KrisitinMei <-- Currently knitting
5. susauehl

Pumpkin Patch
1. Susan/susauehl
2. Janis/Woofens
3. Kristin/KristinMei <-- Currently knitting
4. Katie/sakura-panda
5. Kari/kdodge8

I'm at a nearby McDonald's because I don't have power at home due to an ice storm over the weekend. Consumer's says they expect to have power back on for our county as late as SATURDAY and I have to check in my projects for work before Friday so they can get copied to the new server. So here I am, doing busywork that I had hoped to do at home!

I tried knitting yesterday morning, but I couldn't watch TV and didn't want to run down the battery on my phone listening to music -- it turns out I can't knit without at least one other thing going on. I read my book for a while instead. I was supposed to wrap presents yesterday so that I wouldn't be up late on Christmas Eve (like I always have been since my son was born ten years ago!) but I see now that was a poor idea. Never again will I suggest giving up that late night tradition!

What's going on with you all?

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