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Turning the Heel
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Originally Posted by claireweber View Post
The hat is lovely, very nice colors. And the socks, I that the heel and toe are different colors than the rest of the sock. How is the fit on that heel? How does it compare to other handknit heels?
The heel fits beautifully. I have not a lot of experience, as this is only the second sock I've knit. This pattern was much easier, and the whole deal is carefully measuring your foot and making a cardboard pattern, ostensibly so you can try the sock on the cardboard foot as you go along. I didn't wind up doing that, but the whole she-bang makes for a good fitting sock in general. I have high insteps and at times my socks would slip down and wind up in my shoes. This won't ever happen with these, which is one of the things the designer promises.
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