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We had our power back on around 2 pm on Monday, so we were more or less back to normal for the holiday. We visited family on Christmas Eve and then stayed up until 2 am wrapping presents for the kids. It must have been worth it as they all had "the best Christmas ever." I did find that Santa forgot a couple of gifts, but we have another family Christmas on Saturday and I think I'll sneak them in there.

I plan to teach my oldest how to knit this week. He has been asking to learn to crochet, but when he tries to identify crochet work, he has a knitted fabric (we were at the LYS last week and it was mostly knit, but he was showing me stitches he liked) so I think I'll try him on knitting. Also, my crochet is very basic (and I think not quite right) so I have more confidence in what I'm teaching him there.

(Learning crochet better is on my list of things to learn -- someday.)

I'm using this thread like a blog -- no worries if you didn't feel like reading it all! I'm chatty today.
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