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The file is too big to attach; cable pattern is as follows:
Cable Pattern
1st row (Right Side): K4, C2F, C2B, k4
2nd row and every alt row: Purl
3rd row: K2, (C2F, C2B) twice, K2
5th row: (C2F, C2B) 3 times
7th row: (C2B, C2F) 3 times
9th row: K2, (C2B, C2F) twice, k2
11th row: K4, C2B, C2F, k4

Directions for inserting cable panels:
Insert Cable Panels: Sm, k16 (19, 22, 26, 35, 39, 44) sts. Place marker. [k2, p2, knit 12, purl 2, knit 2] Place marker. The section between the [square brackets] is the cable panel. (refer to Diagram #1) Work across to second side marker, sm, k across back, sm, k to beginning of cable panel. *K1, inc1. Put the increased st on a holder at back of work.* Repeat this for each st across the cable panel (excepting the 4 purl sts, which will be purled and the increased st placed on holder at back). Your work should have 20 sts on a holder at the back. Slip marker. Work around body, and when you return to the beginning of the cable panel, work the sts you placed at the back of the work. (you should k2, p2, k12, purl 2, knit 2). Now you have 124 (135, 148, 200, 216, 236) sts for the body.

Thanks for your reply!
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