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Originally Posted by sundayknitter View Post
Hi Rochester Knitter,
Thanks for the help - I learned how to knit out of Knitting for Dummies, so I'm afraid that I generally have no idea what I'm doing!

If I knit 4, then slip 2 to the front, then slip 2 to the back, then knit 4, I don't know how I get my slipped stitches back in.

I probably don't even know how to ask the question right!
To go along with GGs videos, a C2F and C2B each takes up 2 stitches a piece. For C2F, slip the next stitch onto a cable needle and let it dangle towards you, then knit the next stitch. Now knit the stitch on the cable needle.

a C2B is worked the same way, only let the stitch on the cable needle dangle on the back of the work.

When I first started cables I did everything with a cable needle because I was terrified of dropping stitches. It can be a PITA at first, but now I just slip the stitch off of the needle to the front or back, knit the next stitch and pick up the dropped stitch from the front or back and knit it.



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