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I finished lining a crocheted afghan but was not happy with the result and googled to see if there are more professional ways and landed here. I am four years late to this post any way
I used a fleece blanket i bought from the market with size that is smaller than my afghan and used crochet technique to attach the afghan to the fleece ( the fleece has stitches at the side) i had to do a lot of counting and measuring and it was. Ot fun at all. Finally, i rescued my afghan that was falling apart because of its stretchy nature ( worked in cotton yarn, granny squares) the squares were becoming undone under the pressure of use
I dont recommend lining an afghan unless u mean to save it from damage. My choice of fleece was to have some flexibility if i wash the afghan and it shrinks but still the final look is not as good as it shoud be. In the case of ur blanket, knitted stuff are even more stretchy than crocheted ones. About the pointy edges, u ll just have to leave them free and line the rest
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