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Originally Posted by jinxnit55 View Post
I remember a few years ago, two ladies were mountain biking in SoCal, and one got attacked by a mountain lion, and the other one came to her rescue; she was actually playing tug-o-war with the lion, who had her friends' head in its mouth. Yikes! Stories like that mean that I never go out for a run in the woods w/o my dog.
I rarely ever go hikeing with out my oldest dog. He's saved my neck to many times for me to count, all by just warning me when somethings wrong. We've encountered snakes, coyotes, a wolf, a cougar, bucks protecting their doe, and bull moose protecting their cows. All the times were about the same, he plants himself in front of me, looks in the direction of the danger, and starts making a half moaning half growling sound.

One time there was a cougar crouching in the bushes and I would have walked by and my back would have been to it, I would have been perfect pray. But when my dog started growling, I knew something was wrong. When I spotted it I just looked it right in the eye and stood there for a minute or two, then I slowly backed away. After I'd gotten far enough away from it I ran as fast as I could back to camp.

He's getting old now, and his hearing isn't what it uesd to be. But I know he'd still lay down his life for me as I'd do for him. He's the best dog and friend I've ever had, or ever will have.
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