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Originally Posted by claireweber View Post
Thank you for the New Year's wishes. It's great to see a picture of the infamous Boring Scarf. I like the color, and the yarn shows off the stitch pattern nicely.

The knitted cast on has been a new favorite of mine, I cast on tightly though, and this one has some give for me. I like the long-tail cast on, it was what I learned when I first started knitting. It knits up into a nice firm edge, and I use a needle two or three sizes larger for the cast on.

What pattern are you using for the new project?

Your feelings about cast on methods is helpful for me, because I'm pretty sure I'm the opposite - casting on and knitting too loosely. So maybe increasing my tension will mean I can stay with my knitted co, which is so easy to do, and no worries about estimating yarn.

The next scarf - I'm basically using the pattern tabsheltie7 posted, which is a Bernat pattern intended for boa yarn, but I'll make it a bit bigger. I bought a bulky yarn, which I've never tried before, and big needles - 9mm - also a new experience. It's kind of a strange yarn, I think - so who knows what I'll end up with, haha, at least I won't be bored!
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