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K2tog, place marker, k10, place marker, ssk
Hi. I am fairly new to knitting and am totally stumped. I have a basic understanding of what I'm doing but my hangup comes in this part of the pattern.
I am knitting Moccasocks pattern. The pattern reads:Decrease row (RS)
Slip 1, k22, k2tog, place marker, k10, place marker, ssk, k23
Continue in stockinette stitch, repeat decrease row every other row 7 times.
It's my understanding that I slip 1, then k22, then k2tog then place a marker, then ssk, then k23. Where I get lost is: after my first decrease row I purl 1 row then next row should be decrease row repeat. What I don't know is because I am decreasing therefore losing stitches do I still knit over 22 stitches then k2tog, place marker, k10, place marker, ssk OR do I only knit to the marker from here on out. What has happened is that my k2tog all look great but where I did my ssk it just looks like bad stitches.
Thank you for any help. I am trying to add a pic but can't get it to upload.

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