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So is everyone done making dishcloths now that Christmas is over? I've decided against making placemats and now I have four skeins of Handicrafter to make something new with. All of my scrubbies are wearing out and I'm trying to decide between making more kitchen-cotton-and-plastic-netting scrubbies or switch to mini-dishcloths.

The red is the same dishcloth I posted earlier, now washed and dried. The other three are sample scrubbies -- the green one is what I use now, but I think it is too small. The other two are one that is just right but scraggly looking (which bothers me ) and the other is too big and takes too long to knit.

I'm thinking about making plain (that is, no netting) scrubbies about the size of the one on the bottom left, maybe with a cute pattern. That might be too small for a pattern though and I may have to stick with the garter stitch for them.
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