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Originally Posted by nonny2t View Post
Don't you wonder though when they make all the mistakes how their finished product came out ok???
The pattern is right in the places that really matter (like the pattern!), and if you've knitted socks before you can quite easily interpret the "instructions" for the heel and other parts, but if you were using this pattern to knit your very first pair you'd be in serious trouble!

It's odd little things like in the info section it tells you the pattern is written for dpns, but a bit further down it says how easy it is to modify the pattern so you can use dpn's! The heel info may not be wrong but it's very confusingly written... and then after the gusset it goes straight in to the toe! Where's the foot??! It took me about five reads to realise that the foot instruction is one tiny sentence bundled in with the gusset.

That said, the lace section is well written and easy to follow and that's the bit I needed to be good!
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