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knitting baby cardigan and im stuck!!!!
I am knitting my first cardigan and its a baby cardigan. I have knitted up to shapeshoulders and back neck and I have no idea what to do. Here is the pattern:

shape shoulders and back neck:[/b] [I have 64 sts at the moment] (RS) cast off 6 stitches, k19, turn, leave rem sts on a holder.
Work each side of neck seperately
(WS) cast off 4sts, p to end.
(RS) cast off 6 sts, k to end
(WS) cast off 4 sts, p to end
(RS) cast off rem 5 sts
With RS facing, rejoin yarn to remaining stitches, cast off 14 sts, k to end.
(WS) cast off 6 sts.... (the rest I understand)

What I dont get is:
A) what do they mean by "turn, leave rem stitches on holder" by 'rem sts' do they mean sts I havent knit yet or the ones I have knitted?
B) it says somewhere cast off rem 5 sts then strsight after it tells me to rejoin yarn to rem sts, if I hav cast off rem sts how do I rejoin them?????
C) also if I am working each side of neck seperately how does it work when I rejoin the sts?

Please can some one make this pettern bit more idiot proof?

If u need more info plz say and I'll put up more of the pattern.
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