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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Winding a center-pull ball You could try this method. You might find a way you like here, too. You can put the ball of yarn in a container of some sort to keep it from rolling away. I'm using a basket currently, sometimes I use a coffee can, other times a plastic bag from the store, it depends on what I'm making and what's handy.

The thread titles change color when you've clicked on them. That way you know when there are new posts.

Have you started knitting already? There are lots of free videos here, see tab at top of page, and they're really helpful.

Great ideas for the ball of yarn!!!!!

Is there any type of notification when my question/thread has had a response?

I've begun a scarf for one of my daughters and I want to make one for my nephew. I have been watching the videos and they are very helpful and informative!
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