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Thanks so much. I am finding all of the terminology for yarn very overwhelming. For instance, on that website they have a column of every type of yarn they sell.

I looked through them all to see if the description would clear things up, but really all you get are brief descriptions that are often redundant (ie. all of them saying super soft, or heavy drape, or "great for socks!"). I just don't understand why I would choose Yowza over Tierno, or Shiruku Fingering over Soujurn Fingering.

I don't know what fingering is, but I assume it has something to do with lace knitting.

I wonder how many people locally dye and hand-paint their own yarn. Maybe they could give me a tutorial on what makes one yarn diferent from eachother, especially if they are the same colour (ie. the Sipriz I like is available in more than just Yowza). There is so much to know.
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