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I use Katcha Katcha...sometimes. My only issue with it...I forget to click it. Gah.
When I do use them...I'll use one Katcha Katcha for 'repeats'...and a second Katcha Katcha for 'rows'.

Most times, when I need to keep count of rows within a repeat...I use thread markers inserted into a defining KNIT COLUMN somewhere close by and easily seen.

Or if a repeat is 10 rows tall...I insert a thread marker in every 10th row. I leave the threads in place until I'm all done.

A foot operated counter wouldn't help me. I sit Indian Fashion most of the time.

Any row counter that's mechanized means you MUST REMEMBER to click it. That's my downfall. So I end up not trusting my counter, and recount rows over and over.

No more. The threads do it for me.

See the black threads on the far right of this photo? Works for me! They were keeping track of a cable repeat that sits close by.

The photo below shows red threads in addition to the black threads. The red threads were keeping track of the larger cable wishbone repeats. Works for me. With so many things going on...I would go crazy without my little helpers.

I leave ALL THREADS in place until all 5 pieces of a cardigan are knit up! This also helps
to create perfectly matching fronts. You know exactly how many repeats and rows in each
piece. I make note of the exact repeat and rows where the armhole bindoffs take place...on the Back first...and then I replicate the same thing for the two Fronts. Voila. Perfect alignment.
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