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Originally Posted by DogCatMom View Post
Those are the correct numbers of ch sts for turning chains before the associated rows. There are more helps (videos/illos) at this link, sponsored by the Crochet Guild of America.

Depending on the pattern, the turning chain either will or will not be counted as a stitch. Thus, you either have 10 stitches + the turning chain, or you have 11 stitches; it depends on what "the designer" (in this case, you ) has instructed.
I appreciate everyone helping me out with this. I must have crocheted the swatch correctly, because I chained 10 + 1 for the turning chain. That was exactly what was confusing me. My problem was that, for a 10 st swatch, beginning with a sc row, I really should have chained 10.

You have all been very kind to take the time to respond! I think I've got it
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