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Originally Posted by dturner View Post
Everyone tells me that crochet is easier than knitting, but I just haven't caught on to crochet as easily or as quickly as I did knitting. To make matters worse, I have found conflicting information on some how-to videos that I've watched on YouTube. For example:
I was chaining the following turn chains at the end of my rows:
1 ch before a sc row
2 ch before a hdc row
3 ch before a dc row
4 ch before a tc row

Then, just when I thought I had that part down pat, I found a video that showed chaining 3 before a triple crochet row! I am guessing that crochet was often passed along from person to person, generation to generation, without written instructions. So maybe there are slight variations in the ways people have been taught over the years?

Anyway, back to the original question, thanks for you input. So you both count each post as a stitch?
I worked mainly in thread and counted my turning chain as my first st as most thread patterns do so, then counted each post thereafter. For sc, I counted the number of loops on top of my stitches as they were easier to see in thread.

In my region, crochet was mainly the needlework passed down through the generations. I have some of my great grandmothers doilies and she used a ch3 for her triples. That said, I didnt learn from her, but from a book and I used the number of chains you listed in your table unless the pattern stated otherwise.

You'll find what works best for you. Everyone crochets a little differently. My great grandmothers chains were a bit large in her trc turns,but not for her doubles. I was a tight crocheter so 4 made more sense for me.


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