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Originally Posted by Deb7 View Post
I have a past history of severe carpal tunnel syndrome. The doctor told me that it was so severe, that there were not options other than surgery. He did give me a splint to sleep in that held my hand back, stretching the ligaments in my wrist, and it did help, some. I went to an alternative medicine practitioner and he did a deep tissure massage (which was painful) and he also taught me some stretches. It pretty much cured it. Now, whenever I feel a twinge of it, I do the stretches I was taught. I have not had to wear the splint in years.

Now I also have a pinched nerve in my neck from degenerating disks that sends sharp pain down to my hand. But that is a separate issure from this thread. Sorry.

Now that I'm learning to knit, I notice that I can go for HOURS, literally, and no pain in my arms. Whereas, when I crochet, my left arm will cramp up and I sometimes feel pain all the way to my neck.

My suggestion to you is to maybe try getting a deep tissue massage. They are worth the money if you can afford one. And to learn the correct stretches for your wrist. I can explain them to you, if you want. If you do choose to get a deep tissue massage, make sure you go to a reputable practitioner. It is such a deep massage, I imagine someone could do some damage if they do not know what they are doing. It really helped me. It spared me from surgery.
My daughter is trained in massage and is quite skilled at deep tissue therapy. There are only a very few practitioners who she knows that she would allow to touch her for deep tissue therapy. Unless they know what they're doing it won't help, it will be painful, and in some cases could make the problem worse. The same is true for any treatment that I'm aware of. I've known people who had surgery and came out of it no better, and sometimes worse off, than they were before
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