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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
One thing I really love about my interchangeables is that I can wear them around my neck when I am getting ready to use them. I know exactly where to find them (I am notorious for laying things down and can't see them right in front of me) and it warms the cable at the same time. I'm just waiting until I'm in a store and realize I'm wearing my needles draped around my neck. Maybe people will think they're jewelry.
Uh...try doing it with a dog leash. At the large off-leash dog park, once Mr. Dog is off his leash, I loop it around my neck. If I've been so lucky as to get a curb-side parking spot, I don't need to leash him up again to get into the car. So, one day, I got him into the car, got it into the car, drove to a local store, and...while at the checkstand, realized I had the leash STILL around my neck.

I think knitting needles would be much more chic, no?

Anyway, as to misbehaving cables: I had a fixed-cable pair that did this right off the bat. I brought a pan of water almost to the boil, turned off the flame, and held both needles as I carefully draped the cable into the water and held it there for maybe 30 seconds. Then I brought it out of the water and held the needles apart the full length of the cable (i.e., cable was straight) until it cooled off--maybe another minute?

It behaved very well after that!
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