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Originally Posted by Lizars1735 View Post
I, too, think the group projects are fun. It's cool to see what everyone else has done when the blankets come in. But I agree that they should keep moving. I've been holding onto Blue Skies because I'll have another snuggle coming in to donate as well, but am considering taking it in anyway. I will certainly let everyone know where it ends up.

I have Scrappy Snuggle ready to move on, and will be mailing it to Janis this weekend.

Please don't send it on yet. I don't that think that Janis the next knitter; I've been waiting for the signups to finish before I put out the list. She hasn't had a chance to donate / start a blanket yet, and I'd like to make her last on that one, if she doesn't mind. I don't know yet who gets it after you.

(If you've already sent it, never mind. I should have said something earlier about not mailing out until signups are complete.)

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