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Originally Posted by GrumpyGramma View Post
Round Dishcloth
Peaches and Cream Bright Blue (I think, the label went walkabout). Instead of seaming, I used Kitchener stitch to join the edges. JMCO with crochet thread through the hole in my needles and I just slid the held stitches right off the cable. I used my Nova Needles. Next time I'll use the Sunstrucks. I find when I knit with cotton I knit a lot looser and the stitches wanted to slide off.

A very quick knit. I started it this morning and worked on it off and on, and now it's done already.
That turned out lovely GG!

Originally Posted by Woofens View Post
Been meaning to share this for a couple days, I'm knitting the lattice stitch cloth now, finished a basket weave one earlier. The dish cloth patterns are below the fingerless gloves

dish cloth link
Those are great dishcloth patterns Janis!

Thank you both for sharing the patterns!


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