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Originally Posted by SleepingCetra View Post
I have not bought any as I don't have any solid plans for the yarn, but I really want to knit a kimono styled cardigan, and 2 or 3 skeins from Babs would cover the project according to the pattern. When I have some extra money I am definitely going to buy something - it is so hard to decide on a colour though, I love the purples and blues.

I wonder how it would knit up. Would it be gradient, or just mottled? I wish there were some knitted examples!
I agree with Salmon Mac's advice. If you are considering a yarn, there are a lot of knitted examples on Ravelry's project pages. For example, I was looking at Blue Mountain Fiber Art's Socks That Rock yarns. Lots of them are mouthwateringly gorgeous in the skein, but knitted up they don't look as nice, or at least, not the way you'd THINK they would look, so it gives you a better idea of what you will wind up with.
One hand painted yarn I bought on Etsy was bought specifically because the designer included a picture of it knit up, something I wish more sellers would do. When I paid for it, I told her how nice it was to have the knit up example pic to go by.

Miss Babs seems to have a lot of devoted followers, and she has a few colorways I LOVE: coffee time and biker chick. I may splurge on some soon, and I'll bet it is great to knit with!
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