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Decision to put my cat to sleep
Hi. I haven't been here for more than a year, I guess I got waylaid by Ravelry (and knitting). It's good to see some names I remember (Jan in Cal of course... and others).

Our cat Paolo is just so sick. He has kidney disease and he's gotten so skinny and he won't move from one particular place on the rug, all day, all night at the same place. My DH and I have put down about 4 other cats I guess... but it does't help! I lost my most cherished girl last summer when she walked out the door and didn't come back. She was a Maine Coon and lots of people said they do that. (my former user name here was
Victoise, after her Toisie). She was light as a feather at the end.

anyhoo... I guess I'm really really needing to write these words down. We are leaving to drive to Florida on Sat from upstate NY. We have 2 other cats (young, brother & sister). I just know putting this sick
cat Paolo in the car for 3 days of driving and in and out of hotels...

would be horrible on him. We've actually delayed the trip 2 weeks waiting to see if he'd get better. He doesn't want to be picked up. He vomits a lot. Anyhow, he's going to the vet tomorrow and we'll sort of let the vet decide I guess. I just feel so rotten that I'm going to do this to him. It takes a long time to die sometimes.

Thank you for letting me spill this out. I don't have anyone to talk about it to. cheers,
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