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Originally Posted by ButtercupVictoria View Post
Thanks Jan and everyone. It's not exactly a happy subject so I appreciate your comments. My poor baby was put to sleep this afternoon. I couldn't go. I stayed home and cried. I am mad and sad, but I figured it out, he was sick for 6 months or more, that's a long time. Doctor found a tumor we didn't know about and he said "he's a shell, if you don't do it today you'll be back soon." And the trip would've been horrible for him. Wow, it's just so painful how... oh, you know it all. Thank you again!
So sorry! We had an awesome kitty for 18 years. For 17 of those years she was amazingly healthy. People who came over would say, "Haven't you had that cat for a long time?" And then she started to pee in strange places and stopped grooming herself. The vet said it was kidney failure; as is common. We gave her low protein food for a time and she seemed OK, but then she started to cry at night. One morning she couldn't walk, so I put her in the car and drove her to the vet and had her put down (nobody else in my family could stand to go with us) and it was really sad, like you say, because we had had her such a long time. Your kitty is so much happier now, though; running around in kitty heaven! Hugs to you!
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