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Need help with a pattern
I am working on a pattern called Hoo's There baby hat (you can find it on Etsy). Anyway you work in round from the crown down and it started out with doing it by joining each round with a sl st and chaining one but now it wants me to start the body of the hat by not joining but marking each last st which I assume is spiral; however, the directions of round one start with a Ch 1 and I'm just supposed to keep doing the same directions each round. I don't get why they have that chain one or where to do it. My working yarn is at the last st of the last row of the crown part. If I am not joining, what am I supposed to do? It is saying ch 1, sc around but yet they say before that do not join, move marker up each round. Now I know how to spiral crochet but have never seen a chain one involved. Help!!! Do you think it's a mistake in the pattern?
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