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Joining and chaining one at the beginning of each round leaves you with a wonky line that goes diagonally. It's very unsightly and noticeable. I prefer to crochet hats in a spiral. You will chain the number of stitches required into the ring, join, but do not chain. Crochet your hat all the way around on each round after that. I place a marker at the last stitch of each round so I know where I'm at. Slip the marker at each round. I use commercial markers but you could use a safety pin or my favorite, a bobby pin. It holds tightly and releases quickly when you reposition it. I don't see any reason for the chain either. The main body is a simple hat pattern. The only reason I could see for the join and chain up is if you're doing stripes and want them to match up. Personally, I'd do it as a spiral. When you end the piece in a spiral, I like (if I'm doing double crochet) to stop four stitches from the end of the round. Do a half double stitch, then a single crochet stitch, then two slip stitches in a row. This transitions the edge so it looks even when you end it.
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